The Collector

Lucek—a ruthless collector, a man who puts the rule of law above all—arrogantly enforces the decisions taken by the revenue office without any remorse. His career flourishes thanks to his great efficiency. One day this efficiency leads to a tragedy, and the terrible turn of events forces the collector to reflect on his actions. His efforts to rectify the harm done seem to be belated. Lucek’s enemies, aiming to bring him down, take advantage of his mistakes. No one is lending a helping hand. Even those whom he is trying to compensate for past actions are not willing to protect him. Loneliness and disillusionment bring about Lucek’s inner transformation.

According to director Feliks Falk, Lucek’s character mirrors the modern experiences of many Poles, who in the 1990s were witnessing the disappearance of an evil which was not automatically replaced by good. The Collector portrays a social reality in which everyone oppresses someone else and there is no place for the weak. However, Falk suggests that there is still some room for a bit of good. The Collector won the Golden Lions award at the Gdynia Film Festival in 2005.

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