108 mins, Argentina-Spain, 2015, Digital

This film was released 23rd September 2016, and is no longer screening.

★★★★★ Independent

Based on actual events, and winner of the Silver Lion at Venice, the new film from Pablo Trapero (Carancho, 2010) is an intelligent, gripping, and complex thriller, reminiscent of Scorsese at his best. Following the fall of the Galtieri regime in 1980s Argentina, cold-eyed former intelligence operative Arquímedes Puccio (a genuinely unsettling performance by Guillermo Francella) enlists the complicity of his family, particularly son Alejandro (Peter Lanzani), in turning to kidnapping as a source of income.

Alex becomes conflicted when one of his family’s first targets, a schoolmate of his, is found dead despite his family having paid the ransom required, and attempts to establish his independence by opening a sporting goods shop with his share. However, his father has other plans for him, even as his own refusal to accept the social changes of the time leads to his downfall. (Notes by Kevin Coyne.)

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