The Bubble

Director: Eytan Fox

Israel 2006| 90 mins

From the director of Yossi & Jagger and Walking on Water, The Bubble tells the story of handsome Noam who lives with his best friends Lulu and camp cafe-owner Yali in the ‘bubble’ of a secular, prosperous fun and liberal, middleclass Tel Aviv suburb.
On military service, Noam helps a Palestinian woman give birth on the roadside at a checkpoint. In such improbable and awful circumstances, he meets a cute Palestinian guy Ashraf. Then, when Ashraf turns up at Noam’s apartment, they begin an intense love affair. Love, for a moment, promises to bridge the yawning personal-political divide. But try as they might, the violence of the conflict is destined to puncture their dreams.
‘Eytan Fox knows that there’s no room for wishful thinking when it comes to the conflict between Arabs and Jews, so don’t hold out too much hope for a happy ending. But The Bubble doesn’t just exist to deliver its antiwar message. It’s also a love letter to Tel Aviv, one as intimate and revealing as any penned by Woody Allen to New York.’ Robert Sims, Miami New Times

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