The Bigamists

Director: Agnieszka Piotrovska

UK. 2005| 74 mins

The film is a serious and in-depth journey taken by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Agnieszka Piotrovska, in her meeting with three bigamists and their families. She investigates their lives and backgrounds and finds remarkable similarities in the perpetrators, and looks at what triggered the deceit and lies. This film contains three main stories, with amazing access to both perpetrators and their former partners and families. We meet Will, who takes Sally to Las Vegas to marry him, only to ‘discover’ he was still married. We then meet the
various wives and children of John, who worked in a Registry Office himself marrying over 600 couples. And we meet Emily Horn, only 26 and bigamously married to four men, and engaged to a few more. Director Agnieszka Piotrowska is an award winning film maker known for her sensitive approach to difficult issues.
The director will attend the screening.

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