THE APPLE (30th Anniversary)


90 minutes| U.S.A./West Germany| 1980| Colour

If you’re going to see one movie at Horrorthon this year, make sure it’s The Apple, a motion picture so monumentally awful that it might just be a stone-cold comedy cult classic – either way, it will (a) leave you speechless and (b) stay with you forever. Menahem Golan was the co-founder of legendary ’80s production company Cannon Films: Golan himself directed this hallucinatory 1980 debacle, a jaw-dropping sci-fi disco musical spectacular, featuring rubbish choreography from future So You Think You Can Dance judge Nigel Lithgoe… And a villain named Mr. Boogalow. The Apple truly defies description: think 2001: A Disco Odyssey. Fact: Horrorthon founder Ed King is obsessed with this film, and will provide a very entertaining introduction. Legend has it that the audience at the LA premiere threw their souvenir soundtracks at the screen, causing extensive damage. Horrorthon punters are encouraged to hurl witty insults instead. This people, is the movie that killed disco.

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