117 minutes| U.S.| 1977| Colour

Forget the anemic 2005 remake – come to think of it, chances are that you already have. Director Stuart Rosenberg’s original Amityville Horror (oft-imitated, much sequelised) remains one of the most iconic horror smashes of the ’70s. This notorious ‘true life tale’ features a heavyweight cast that includes James Brolin, Margot ‘Lois Lane’ Kidder and the great Rod Steiger, whose hilariously over-wrought priest wins the scenery-chewing competition by a mile. Based upon the alleged experiences of the luckless Lutz clan, who should have known that moving into a house where a gruesome series of murders occurred a year previously is going to result in any number of potential problems, not least a plague of flies and possible demonic possession. And you thought negative equity was chilling? We do love The Amityville Horror, not least Lalo Schifrin’s Oscar-nominated score and one of the great tag lines in horror movie history: ‘For God’s Sake, Get Out!’

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