Testimony of Taliesin Jones, The

Martin Duffy whose highly acclaimed children’s film The Boy from Mercury was set in Dublin, directs his third feature, an adaptation of the Welsh novel by Rhodirion Brook. It tells the story of young Taliesin, growing up in a village where he finds that his interests are not the same as his schoolmates’. He learns about healing from his piano teacher, Billy Evans, (the late Ian Bannen), who becomes his friend. Ignoring others’ mockery he continues to explore faith and starts a group of ‘Believers’ with friends at school, which gets them into trouble. At home his father is trying to come to terms with his wife’s departure and cannot give him the time he needs.
Played wonderfully by a young actor, John Paul MacLeod, the film portrays Taliesin’s early teen years as he comes to terms with the absence of his mother and the harsh realities of life and death.
It poses several questions relevant to CSPE classes, such as faith, bullying, individuality and growing up.

UK, 2000, Drama, 94 mins, Director: Martin Duffy

Also showing at Access Cinema venues around the country. For more information contact Maretta Dillon on (01) 6794420

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