Director: Andrew Kötting

If you’re looking for character development, narrative and plot . . . you’ll find it here, but all in the form of a plastic, swan-shaped pedalo boat. 

Making up what’s got to be British film’s most idiosyncratic on-screen duo, filmmaker Andrew Kötting and psychogeographer Iain Sinclair set foot-pedalling from the coast of Hastings and make their way from there to London at a reassuringly slow pace.  This flâneur-styled odyssey allows time for odd encounters, meandering thoughts, historical musings and whatever else may seem suitable at any given time (including not undue audio excerpts from Werner Herzog). 

A peculiar and imaginative piece of film about deciding to do something for the sake of it and then committing to it for the same reason, Swandown makes for engaging and obligatory viewing, especially for viewers who haven’t had a pedalo trip in a while.  If you liked Black Swan, it will have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on what you think of this.  

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