No self-disrespecting Horrorthon would be complete without the always-popular Surprise Film, the title of which remains a mystery even to Horrorthon head honcho Ed King, who selects the bloody (and we mean that in a literal sense) thing. Don’t worry however, he’s on it. Suffice to say that Ed’s previous selections have gone down a bomb: highlights over the years have included the Irish premieres of The Others, The Machinist and last year’s winner Paranormal Activity. We won’t talk about the year that he chose haunted submarine movie Below, a movie so spectacularly rubbish that offended punters took to the projection booth in a valiant effort to rip the print to shreds (not really, but you get the idea). Suffice to say that this year’s Surprise Film is a new fright flick of note, and an event not to be missed under any circumstances. See you down the front row…

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