Summer Fruits Men’s Shorts


TRT 76mins

The best international short films for men in one package. InSummertime, the streets are full of gorgeous half-clothed men, whom the camera follows with a lazy eye. Two boys share their first kiss through the taste of oranges. Drive Thru surgical options for the discerning M to F seem a little daunting in this charming animation. Complex issues of class and age frustrate a budding movie house romance in Last Full Show, while in Spokane a gay man picks up a straight guy at a wedding. Director Charles Lum’s intelligent take on the oral transmission of the HIV virus in Facts.SUCK is reprised as gothic extravaganza in his Indelible, where Carrie meets the greatest cum- shots ever.

Summertime Walter Riccarelli, Italy 2004, Beta SP PAL 6 mins
Oranges Kristian Pithie, Australia 2003, 35mm 12 mins
Drive Thru’ Jed Bell,USA 2004, 35mm 4 mins
Last Full Show Mark V Reyes, Philippines 2004, 35mm, 18 mins
Spokane Beta NTSC, 15 mins
Facts.SUCK Charles Lum, USA 2004, Beta SP NTSC,12 mins
Indelible Beta Charles Lum, USA 2004, Beta SP NTSC, 8 mins

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