Director: Dan Ollman

US/Nigeria • 2006 • 65 mins • Documentary • Englglish/subtitles

Femi Kuti is a Nigerian political activist, who strives to change lives through his music. Son of legendary and highly politicised Fela Kuti, Femi continues his work, travelling up and down Nigeria, using his songs to speak out against the country’s corrupt leaders. Filmmaker Dan Ollman contrasts the upbeat tempo and message with images of the lives of poverty led by many Nigerians, despite the oil-wealth of the country.
Benedicta Attoh, Chairperson, board of directors of the Africa Centre and founder, Women from Minorities Network, will speak about the film and her own experiences in Nigeria.
Also showing: Under Pressure. Short film by Eamon deStaic on Willie Corduff, Shell to Sea campaigner.

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