Street Mobster

Director: Kenji Fukasaku

1972. English subtitles. Colour. Anamorphic. 92 min.

Street Mobster features a demonic performance from Bunta Sugawara as an individualistic yakuza (gangster) who returns to his old stomping ground after a stint in jail. His insanely uncompromising stance sets him on a collision course with everything and everyone in his path. In a film that begins at 100mph and then proceeds to accelerate, director Kenji (Battle Royale) Fukasaku pushes cinematic style to breaking point in a frenzy of breathless action. Street Mobster marked the beginning of a new breed of ’70s yakuza movies and the birth of a style that was to later influence cult favourites John Woo and Takashi Miike. An unbridled energy fizzes from the screen.

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