STF: Pyjama Girls

Director: Maya Derrington

Ireland • 2010 • 80 mins

Pyjama Girls follows the lives of a group of girls who wear, you guessed it, pyjamas, all day, every day. Focusing principally on teenagers Lauren and Tara, the film examines the intense micro-dramas and emotional complexities of their lives in the close-knit community of Dublin’s inner city flats. In the noisy, tumultuous world of the flats, it’s the boys who make themselves heard.

Meanwhile, the girls express themselves through the visual language of young women – clothes and fashion. Their dress sense is read as a badge of social standing, yet while wearing pyjamas during the day links them together, in the film, it is this trend that provides a visual springboard from which we gain insight into their individual lives. Maya Derrington’s touching documentary excels in presenting an honest, intimate view of teenage life in Dublin. We’re thrilled to open this year’s IFI Stranger Than Fiction festival with the film’s world premiere.

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