STF: Gilbert O’Sullivan – Out On His Own

In the early 1970s, Waterford-born Gilbert O’Sullivan was top of the international pop charts. But in the mid-70s his career began to wane and by the time he came out of a long legal dispute with his manager Gordon Mills, he had drifted into relative obscurity.

Yet from his homes on Jersey and in Nashville, the 62-year-old O’Sullivan is still touring and recording, still songwriting as a proper Monday-to-Friday nine-to-five job, driven to achieve again the chart success he once had. Commissioned from Wildfire Films for RTE Television’s Arts Lives strand, Gilbert O’Sullivan – Out On
His Own is a fascinating and witty portrait of an outspoken music man who refuses to retire, absolutely certain of his own value, ready to take on all detractors and critics, single-minded, selfaware and oddly engaging.

Extended Q&A with guests including Gilbert O’Sullivan and director Adrian McCarthy.

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