STF: Beautiful Darling

Beautiful Darling: The Life and Times of Candy Darling, Andy Warhol Superstar

Beautiful Darling pays tribute to the short but influential life of an extraordinary individual, the actress Candy Darling. Born James Slattery in a Long Island suburb in 1944, by the mid-60s James had become Candy, a gorgeous, blonde actress and well-known downtown New York figure – part of Warhol’s Factory crowd, and famously name-checked in the Velvet Underground’s Walk on the Wildside. This moving film expertly combines excerpts from Darling’s journals and letters (read by Chloe Sevigny) describing how she arrived in Manhattan to pursue her dream of becoming a star, film clips, previously unseen footage and photographs showing Candy from suburban childhood through to the height of fame. Interviews with Jayne County, Penny Arcade, Paul Morrissey, Fran Lebowitz, John Waters and Darling’s closest friend Jeremiah Newton provide further insight into her remarkable life.

Q&A with producers Jeremiah Newton and Michael Newman.

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