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Irland und Seine Kinder/Children of Eire
In 1961 Heinrich Boll, author of the highly popular Irisches Tagebuch (Irish Journal) (1957), scripted and oversaw the production of this reflective documentary which combines a compelling pictorial record of Irish life with a voiceover which is at times harshly critical of Irish society in general and its treatment of its children in particular. Broadcast in Ireland in 1965 (following its well received German transmission in 1961), the film horrified many critics. Playwright John O’Donovan called for its withdrawal on the grounds that it would serve to ‘to exhibit us as the most hapless and hopeless race in the northern hemisphere’.

This film, made for Bavarian TV with support from Gael Linn, incorporates a tour around Dublin and the extraordinary journey of a young boy and his father along the canals of Ireland as they bring their new lobster boat home to Carna, Co Galway.

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