89 minutes| U.S.A.| 1980| Black and White| 35mm

Stardust Memories antagonised press and public alike with its story of a comedy director (Allen) who wants to make serious films. It is still arguably his masterpiece, a magnificent meditation on the alienation of the American Dream. The performances of Charlotte Rampling, Jessica Harper and Marie-Christine Barrault suggest he has absorbed not only Ingmar Bergman’s angst, but his gifts for directing women.

Allen: ‘The audience thought that I was saying in that film that they were fools – that the audience were fools and the critics were fools. They got angry because I was that character, Sandy, the film director, and I said that they were stupid for liking my comic films. And, of course, that was in no way the point of the film. If I did think that, which I don’t, I would be smart enough not to say it in a movie.’

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