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Romeo Castellucci/Societas Raffaello Sanzio
Tragedia Endogonidia – the film cycle
Video: Cristiano Carloni, Stefano Franceschetti
Original music: Scott Gibbons
Distribution: Gruppo Editoriale Minerva / RaroVideo

Romeo Castellucci’s famous theatre cycle Tragedia Endogonidia (2002-2004) is a unique work made up of eleven episodes, each of which refers to the city after which it is named. #04 Bruxelles/Brussel wowed Dublin audiences in 2004. The new edited film versions containing all episodes with an overall duration of 340 minutes will be shown over two mornings during the Festival.Dates and times:
Oct 11, 11.00am (170mins): #01 Cesena, #02 Avignon, #03 Berlin, #04 Bruxelles/Brussel, #05 Bergen, # 06 Paris
Oct 12, 11.00am (170mins): #07 Roma, #08 Strasbourg, #09 London, #10 Marseilles, #11 Cesena
Venue: Irish Film Institute
Prices:Tickets €5 per screening available from IFI.
Further information: www.dublintheatrefestival.com/specialevents

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