84 minutes| Ireland/UK| 2009| Colour

Writer/director Daniel Simpson has been touted as a talent to watch: his feature debut, set in London but primarily lensed in County Kerry, is an ambitious – and rather stylish – micro-budget chiller. Vivacious young artist Molly (Emma Griffiths Malin), together with her three art student friends (Reuben Henry-Biggs, Amy Noble and George Maguire), embark upon a mission to find an empty house in London, free from rent, and free to party in. Having found the ideal squat, they break in and go about the merry business of dressing up the stark interior. Darkness pervades their new dwelling, however, a darkness through which they begin discover the full implications of their choice of accommodation, and its increasingly bloody repercussions. A malevolent force is clearly at work – who, or what is orchestrating the madness? While asking your audience to sympathise for art students is always a potentially ill-advised move, the expression ‘bloody students’ has never seemed more amusingly appropriate than here. Let the slaughter begin!

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