Director: TOM TYKWER

60 minutes| Kenya-Germany| Swahili language with English subtitles| 2010| 35mm

Abila (14) lives in the violent slum jungle of Kibera. A Luo, one of the many Kenyan tribes, he is mad about Shiku, who is the same age but a Kikuyu, and boys and girls from different tribes don’t mix. Abila has another problem too. He finds his father in a disturbing state. His mother says it’s a hangover, but Abila finds there’s more going on – his father’s soul has been stolen by a Nyawawa, a female spirit. Despite the hostile surroundings, Abila and Shiku set off together to save the soul of Abila’s father. ‘The camera work is of a level that is seldom seen in African pictures … a sparkling film,’ International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2011 (winner of the Audience Award).

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