120 minutes| U.S.A.| 1959| Black and White| D-Cinema

Voted the ‘Greatest Comedy Film of All Time’ by the American Film Institute, Billy Wilder’s caper remains box fresh a half-century later, largely thanks to a trio of iconic performances from Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe. And let’s not forget the supporting cast of game scene-stealers, amongst them George Raft (spoofing his Scarface persona) and the incomparable Joe E. Brown, who
gets to deliver the greatest closing line in movie history. Let’s celebrate Tony Curtis, however, who plays three very different roles brilliantly: a musician on the run from the mob, his female alter ego, and a fey British millionaire wooing Marilyn (remember, when people impersonate Cary Grant, they’re impersonating Tony Curtis impersonating Cary Grant). We won’t trouble you with a synopsis; if you haven’t seen Some Like It Hot, then we’re appalled. And if you have, you won’t need encouragement to see it again.Due to circumstances beyond our control, Tony Curtis will no longer be coming to Ireland on this occasion and therefore unable to appear at the IFI.
All three screenings (Sweet Smell of Success, The Vikings and Some Like It Hot) will still take place at their scheduled times.

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