Small Engine Repair

Director: Niall Heery

Doug (Iain Glen), an aspiring country singer in his forties, has spent his life as a loser in a non-descript small town, where nobody believes in his heartbreaking voice and talent as a musician. When the last of his music pupils deserts him, Doug is forced to face up to the fact that his music career is going nowhere. Only his best friend Bill (Steven Mackintosh), a macho small engine repair man, has any faith in Doug’s talent; Doug’s wife Agnes (Kathy Kiera Clarke) gave up on him years ago. When Burley, their volatile friend who’s just got out of prison for a hit and run, shows up in town again, he takes the only other job that Doug could do, forklift driver at the local plant. Doug has hit rock-bottom but with the help of Bill and local bar owner Big Eddy (Gary Lydon), Doug is handed one last chance to show he can make to the big time. A quiet self-assured debut feature from newcomer Niall Heery.

Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn

Breakthrough Talent Award at the 4th Irish Film and Television Awards 2007.

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