Director: Richard Linklater

Likened by critics toa cross between Bunuel’s Phantom of Liberty, David Byrne’s True Stories and John Sayles City of Hope, Slacker is a highly original feature about a series of encounters with a variety of eccentrics, bores, crazies and conspiracy theorists in Austin, Texas which effectively form a thread of short stories. The cast includes Traumatised Yacht Owner, Paranoid Paper Reader, Recluse in Bathrobe and Ultimate Loser.
… easily the most original American independent debut of the year and by some way the most entertaining.. .a fascinating example of apparently fly on the wall filmmaking, made all the more intriguing when you discover that it was all planned like a military exercise. It is capable of being funny, sad, exhilarating and inevitably causes you to reflect that the peculiars in front of the camera are no more dotty than those behind it… The best no budget movie ever made.

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