Director: Eleonore Faucher

France • 2009 • 99 minutes

Sisters, directed by Eleonore Faucher, is based on actor Sylvie Testud’s (Sagan, La Vie en rose) semi- autobiographical novel Gamines. Three sisters, Sybille, Corine and Georgette live with their Italian mother who is raising them as a single parent. While the bond between the siblings is strong, Sybille, as the only one with blonde hair and the one sister resembling her absent father, feels like an outsider. With a photograph of him as her only connection, she spends much of her time dreaming of a reunion.

Faucher is clearly a fine director of children; the three young leads are equally excellent and the family scenes set in 1970s Lyon are particularly impressive. Testud herself plays the adult Sybille, still close to her two siblings and now a successful actress, who, despite the passing years, has yet to escape the self-made fantasy of her father.

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