Sinful Dwarf

‘A young bride… left alone to the lewd passions of an evil dwarf.’ Ah, they just don’t make poster taglines like they used to. Every year Horrorthon offers you the welcome opportunity to pay witness to classic cult movies so indescribably, well, indescribable that you’re often left wondering afterwards whether or not the whole thing was just a particularly vivid hallucination… Movies like Sinful Dwarf. This 1973 Danish exploitation ‘classic’ concerns the deviant activities of the titular little person (Torben Billie) and his twisted mother, notably their nefarious plans to imprison an innocent young woman, pump her full of heroin and sell her as a sex slave. This sleazy saga will leave you wanting to take a long shower afterward – ideally while being secretly watched by a sinful Danish dwarf with nefarious plans for you.

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