Interiors (directed by Ursula Mayer)/A Girl is a Fellow Here (directed by Beverly Willis)/Beaubourg. Four Films by Denis Postle
FILM INFO: Total running time: 70 minutes
U.K., 2006 / U.S.A., 2010 / U.K., 1980, Colour, Digibeta

Ursula Mayer’s Interiors is set in Erno Goldfinger’s modernist London home, which was once a meeting place for avant-garde artists and is now a repository for an extensive art collection. As two women who never meet roam the house, the interior feminine space of the structure is contrasted with the thunder of the outside world. A Girl is a Fellow Here reveals that Frank Lloyd Wright was a social as well as architectural pioneer, providing employment opportunities to over 100 women (including Marion Mahony, the world’s first officially licensed female architect) at a time when the field was almost exclusively male. Denis Postle’s film presents four different readings of the Pompidou Centre, including that of the building’s designers and a critique by the renowned Archigram group, whose work inspired its design.

This European premiere of A Girl is a Fellow Here is presented courtesy of The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation.

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