Short Story: Irish Cinema 1945-58

Director: Kieran Hickey's

Ireland| 1986. Colour. 62 minutes.

Kieran Hickey’s documentary is a survey of films made in Ireland between 1945 and 1958, most of them largely forgotten. It examines the social concerns of the many ‘information’ films and the few indigenous fictions produced during those years and lays emphasis on the plentiful filmmaking talent that was never fully exploited. The film production initiatives of the 1948-51 coalition government are also examined. Short Story opens with Orson Welles on the set of Othello and also covers the making of the short film Return to Glennascaul, which featured Welles and was directed by his friend Hilton Edwards. The involvement of Edwards and Miche‡l MacLiamm—ir in theatre and film is explored, as is the work of writer-director Gerard Healy.

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