Short Order

Director: Anthony Byrne

An airy piece of fantasy, Short Order tells the story of Fifi (Emma de Caunes), a brilliant chef paralysed by a fear of failure. Working at a small business serving passers-by on the street, Fifi spends her time in romantic dreams about close friend Catherine (Cosma Shiva Hagen) whilst ignoring the advances of chefs desperate to add her skills to their kitchen. As she does this, close friend Paulo (Rade Serbedzija) deals with problems of his own, as he searches for a notorious, miserly ‘Bill Dodger’. Multiple strands of narrative melt in and out of one another as they criss-cross this small culinary world, a creativity that enhances the film’s sense of the fantastic: whales leap from puddles and musical numbers break out impromptu in a luridly-lit city bubbling with character. A piece of European whimsy with a light and joyous heart.

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