Director: Eric Courtney

IRELAND • 2008 • COLOUR • 90 MIN

‘Seven survivors: no memory, no destination, no escape. Welcome to the Dark Place.’ Ah, we do like a good poster tagline. And we do like Irish horror movies, which is why we’re excited about Seer. Dubbed ‘Waiting for Godot at Halloween’, director Eric Courtney’s psychological monster movie plays out in a remote farmhouse in the Irish countryside, where a group of strangers face up to their own inner demons — and some all-too-real ones as well. Working from a script by Robbie Robinson, Courtney’s film is an intense and ambitious chamber piece — one he dubs ‘a new horror movie for a new horror audience’. Legendary Horrorthon programmer Ed ‘The Blaxorcist’ King will be present with the filmmakers to introduce the screening.

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