Director: Claude Miller

99 minutes • France-Canada-Switzerland 2011

Claude Miller’s latest film proves that he is still capable of finding new ways of breathing life into what initially sounds like the most familiar of premises – the love triangle. Lise (Marina Hands), a filmmaker travelling across the snowy wastes of Canada (shot in beautiful scope), encounters Alex (Maya Sansa), the woman for whom her now deceased husband Victor (renowned physical artist James Thiérrée, grandson of Charlie Chaplin) left her. As flashbacks illuminate the differing nature of each woman’s relationship to him, the two come to better understand the nature of their experiences and the appeal the other held for him. The absence of this character central to each woman’s life allows the director to create an intimate and moving portrait of love won and lost.

(Nov 26th includes introduction and Q&A with Claude Miller and Michel Ciment.)<

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