Samurai Cop

Consider the great Robert D’Zar, the lantern-jawed (and then some) actor immortalised forever as the star of the classic Maniac Cop movies and any number of truly horrendous direct-to-video masterworks, such as this 1989 gem, a movie so horrendously awful that it is, in actual fact, a work of deeply profound comedic genius. Our hero (Fabio lookalike Matt Hannon) is a bemulleted bushido warrior cop out to take down a Japanese crime syndicate, led by the evil Robert D’Zar, who isn’t even remotely Japanese. Samurai Cop, it should be noted, compensates for his deficiencies as a thespian by slipping into a pair of tight speedos and getting down with sexy ladies. That’s when he’s not kicking some serious ass, mind you. Samurai Cop is also a complete laugh riot, and a movie that will change your life forever; the scene will be set with an introduction from Horrorthon founder and fervent Samurai Cop enthusiast Edward King.

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