Director: Lawrence Gough

UK • 2008 • 80 min

The new wave of British low-budget horror movies continues to deliver one rough-hewn gem after another; case in point, this curiously beguiling mix of social realism and bizarro monster flick. If Ken Loach ever made a movie for Roger Corman – we can only dream! – it might look something like this. The residents of a quiet cul-de-sac are left out-of-sorts when a mysterious shipping container is washed up on local shores – before long, the street is filled with armed soldiers ordering them indoors. Cue a prolonged exercise in slow-burning paranoia, followed by a welcome final-act descent into full-blown hysteria, punctuated by the odd spot of wanton carnage. Granted, they could have used a better monster rig-out, but we’ll take a guy in a rubber suit over ineffectual CGI creations any day. Initially produced as one of a trio of films celebrating Liverpool’s status as the 2008 EU City of Culture, Salvage was filmed on left-over sets from dearly departed Scouse soap opera Brookside; we’d kill to see a zombie flick shot on the streets of Fair City.

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