Salamanca to Nowhere

Director: Chema de la Peña

2002. Subtitles. Colour. 81 mins.

This informative documentary looks at the generation of directors who forged the neo-realist New Spanish Cinema movement of the 1950s and thereby threw a grenade into the charade that was the film industry under Franco. Taking its title from the city where these filmmakers met in 1955 to formulate their principles, director Chema de la Peña intercuts interviews with film clips and newsreel material from the period. An array of big names, including Miguel Picazo, Carlos Saura, Jose Luis Borau and Mario Camus, provide witty and thought-provoking reflections on their time at the impoverished Madrid Film School, their struggles to raise funds from a sceptical establishment, and their early sociocritical efforts, now considered classics.

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