Director: Diane Kurys

France • 2008 • 117 minutes

Originally conceived as a two hour mini-series, Sagan’s producer Luc Besson became convinced the film should be shown on the big screen and persuaded director Diane Kurys (Les Enfants du siecle) to release a theatrical version. Sylvie Testud takes on the daunting role of Françoise Sagan, the rebellious French writer who achieved fame as a teenager with her first novel — Bonjour tristesse, a precocious tale of sexual disillusionment — but whose international reputation dimmed as literary tastes changed. Sagan refused to conform to society’s norms and throughout her life gained a reputation for living on the edge, with gambling and fast cars being just two of her vices. And despite all the trappings success brought to her life, Sagan was ultimately left a lonely, penniless figure.

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