Round Da Way

Director: Albert Pereira-Lazaro & Emmanuel Klotz

France • 2009 • 91 minutes

Round Da Way was described by Variety as Beavis and Butthead meets La Haine and it’s as accurate a description for this riotous animation as any (though the influence of stoner antiheroes Cheech and Chong is in evidence too). The film follows two-bit crooks Tony (voiced by Vincent Cassel) and Joe (rapper-comedian IZM) as they hatch a scheme to earn some quick cash. So, while Tony tries to offload a stash of weed, Joe gets a slightly more respectable job building a sauna for the local mayor, who’s daughter Clemence (Diane Kruger) he’s particularly enamoured by. It won’t come as too much of a shock to learn that neither money-making scheme goes entirely to plan. Round Da Way is a blast. The graffiti influenced animation is fantastic, as is the soundtrack, marrying old-school tunes from the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul with the best in French Hip Hop.

Special guests IZM and Lucien Revolucien will take part in a Q&A following the screening of Round Da Way.

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