Revisiting the Past


Total running time 96 mins.

Looking back is not always easy, but it is often necessary. This special selection of short films and documentaries is concerned with the past, with filling the gaps in our personal history and our history as a community, in order to understand who we are. In Memory of Me (Dir. Samantha Lavin, USA, 2006) follows a woman returning to her hometown, where she will have to confront the self that she tried so hard to bury. In Alkali, Iowa (Dir. Mark Christopher, USA, 1995), a young man in a rural community discovers that his family closet may have a resident ghost. Dirty Laundry (Dir. Richard Fung, Canada, 1996) is the journey of a gay man through the sparsely written and bleach-white pages of the history of Chinese immigrant workers in Canada. Amants des Hommes (Dir. Isabelle Darmengent, France, 2004) looks at the homosexual victims of the Holocaust to reclaim their stories. These four powerful films are moving, often funny, sometimes shocking, and they all insist on one thing: remembering can be the key to survival.

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