RESFEST: Shynola Rarities

Formed in 1999, the four-man collective known as Shynola includes college chums Gideon Baws, Chris Harding, Richard (Kenny) Kenworthy and Jason Groves. The four ?rst achieved widespread recognition with their animated video for Quannum’s I Changed My Mind. Made in less than four weeks, the video is a mix of low-tech aesthetic and high-impact creativity, which became a viable strategy employed for the ensuing ?ve years. Indeed, the video was the ?rst in what would become Shynola’s stellar videography characterised by a loopy sense of humour and often stunning digital imagery in a body of work that includes pieces for UNKLE, Quannum, Radiohead, Steve Malkmus, Lambchop, Junior Senior, Queens of the Stone Age, Blur and The Rapture.

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