Director: Cedric Kahn

France • 2009 • 105 minutes

Regrets, the latest film from director Cedric Kahn (Roberto Succo, Red Lights), stars Yvan Attal and Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi as ex-lovers who become reacquainted and embark on a passionate and destructive affair. Attal plays Mthieu, an architect who returns to his hometown and, while there, runs into ex-girlfriend Maya (Bruni-Tedeschi). Despite the many years they’ve spent apart, the couple find they are still intensely attracted to one another. Adultery is hardly an uncommon topic in French cinema (indeed it crops up in a number of the films playing as part of this Festival) but Kahn tackles the material in his own inimitable style. Regrets has far more in common with a slickly produced suspense thriller than romantic melodrama and it’s this, combined with great performances from the leads, that makes it such a distinctive and engaging film.

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