Red Snow

Director: Zhang Jianya

2003. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby digital stereo. 96 mins.

This mountain rescue movie reunites many of the creative team (including director Zhang Jianya) behind 1999’s impressive aeroplane disaster movie Crash Landing. Hong Kong-based actor Karen Mok, performing con?dently in Mandarin, plays Lhasa-based doctor Xiang Li, who rushes to north-western Tibet to rescue a sick ex-patient who’s trying to rescue a monk in the Kunlun mountains. After surviving an avalanche and a mud slide, Xiang and company manage to call for help, and the perilous helicopter mission is led by the best buddy of her late husband. The CG effects are good, the action is almost non-stop, and camerawork by Zhi Lei maintains a continual adrenaline high.

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