Based on Spike Milligan’s book and starring Sean Hughes and Elliot Gould,Puckoon is a politically true, politically incorrect and profoundly funny tale. It’s 1924 and the boundary commission from Britain and Ireland is deciding on the new border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.
After months of haggling over every inch of territory, the border finds its way down the middle of Puckoon, dividing house from outhouse, man from wife, pub chairs from bar, church from cemetery. Our hero, Dan Madigan, wakes up from his indolence to find the beer cheaper on the wrong side of the pub and a border patrol demanding passports.
DIRECTOR Terence Ryan
PRODUCERS Ken Tuohy, Terence Ryan
CAST Sean Hughes, Elliott Gould, Richard Attenborough, Daragh O’Malley, John Lynch, Griff Rhys Jones
RUNNING TIME 83 minutes

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