Puccini For Beginners

Director: Maria Maggenti

USA 2006| 81 mins

Allegra has a bit of a problem. She’s recently separated from her girlfriend Samantha, who left her to return to her old boyfriend, and finds herself improbably attracted to Columbia professor Philip, himself in a dead-end long-term relationship. Philip elects to follow his heart for once. He pursues this unlikely romance and breaks up with his girlfriend Grace. Grace coincidentally meets Allegra at a movie and, after some initial hesitancy, starts dating her as well. With a sophisticated blend of humour and irony, this screwball sex comedy twists and turns with all the drama of classic Puccini. ‘You have to like a movie in which nerdy (albeit attractive) characters couple and uncouple with the profligacy of rabbits as they learn to navigate the territory that lies between the heart and the mind.’ Kevin Crust, LA Times

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