85 minutes| Australia| 2009| Colour

Ozploitation lives! Cue ominous voiceover man: ‘12,000 years ago a caveman tried to communicate the presence of an unknown primal entity only to be devoured by the Neanderthal evil. Now six friends on a field trip set up camp in the same remote wilderness. But when one takes a dip in a nearby waterhole, she becomes feverish and agitated, and regresses to a predatory state where her companions become the hunted.’ And now, the four-word synopsis: a bloody good time. Aussie prospect Josh Reed’s massively enjoyable feature debut doesn’t trouble itself trying to reinvent the wheel, delivering the grisly goods (punctuated by generous dollops of sick humour) with considerable panache and a tangible sense of glee. Primal features the greatest killer bunny scene since Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and comes with the personal seal of approval from Horrorthon head honcho Ed King. You’ll love the punch-line. . .

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