Director: Arnaud Larrieu and Jean-Marie Larrieu

1h 38min. 2004

Married for a long time, and retired early, William and Madeleine, played by Daniel Auteuil and Sabine Azema, live in a town at the foot of the mountains. When their only daughter leaves, they find themselves wihtout much to occupy themselves any longer. One day Madeline decide to paint an old house situations nearby in the foothills. She meets Adam, cultured, clever and blind man – played by Sergi Lopez—the fascinating village mayor, and partner, in the film, of Amira Casar. He persuaded them to move to an isolated house in the heart of the Vercors mountains. Very soon the two couples get to know and like one another in the manner of those no longer tied to the yoke of daily pressing engagements.
A house fire then leads to them sharing one roof, and shortly thereafter to tasting the delights of swapping partners. Sowing the seeds of doubt before but revealing the delights of hedonism, this is directed with constraint, subtlety and the now proven skill of the Larrieu brothers in mixing colours from their film-maker’s palette.Cast includes: Sabine Azema, Daniel Auteuil, Amira Casar, Sergi Lopez.

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