U.S.| 2010| Colour

We can’t tell you all that much about the eagerly-anticipated sequel to the no-budget phenomenon of 2009, an inspired riff on the ‘found footage’ concept (more than familiar to viewers of Cannibal Holocaust and The Blair Witch Project) that proceeded to become one of the most profitable films ever produced. The reason why? The finished product remains unseen at the time of going to press, and will do so until mere days before its Irish premiere at Horrorthon 2010. Suffice to say that the original Paranormal Activity reinvented the haunted house movie for the 21st century, and that its successor – directed by Tod Williams, stepping in for the original’s Oren Pell, who produces – promises not deviate too dramatically from a shockingly effective formula. As for the rumoured return of leading lady Katie Featherston, well… We’re saying nothing. A series of chillingly effective teaser trailers have already whetted the appetite: let the haunting begin!

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