Director: Alan Taylor

Palookaville is the hilarious tale of three wannabe wiseguys who can’t shake off their good instincts in their attempts to become criminals. Director Alan Taylor paints an optimistic picture nicely at odds with the bleak, no-hope setting in a film that will delight urban audiences. Nervy live-wire Russ (Vincent Gallo), goofy bumbler Jerry (Adam Trese) and broken-hearted Sid (William Forsythe) are unemployed and desperate in grey, wintry Palookaville. Their only way out seems to be a life of crime, but their first attemptothe elaborate, meticulously-planned robbery of a jewellery storeoends up with the trio breaking into the bakery shop next door. More failures follow, culminating in a botched security truck heist.

Palookaville marks the impressive debut of both Taylor and screenwriter David Epstein, who seamlessly balance laugh-out-loud humour with quieter, more poignant moments. Despite modest production values and a largely unknown cast, the film’s crowd-pleasing spirit, snappy script and jazzy score make this an irresistible feel-good gem.

U.S.A., 1995.
92 mins.

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