Over Night

Director: Frank Wunsche

2002. English subtitles. Colour. Dolby stereo SR. 98 mins.

Mathilda (Tai Elshorst) works behind the bar in a night-club serving drinks and taking care of little drug deals for her boss. Her flatmate Moni (Nina Hecklau) drifts through a series of one-night stands. The morning after, she always says goodbye to her lovers with the same ceremony at the bus stop. One night Mathilda meets Pavel (Frank Wunsche), a successful photographer who has just discovered that his girlfriend is cheating on him. Mathilda falls in love with Pavel, and the affair sparks off a series shifting relationships in which Moni plays a fateful role. Czech-born director Horst Krassa’s first feature is a touching study of love, longing and loneliness set in a poetically observed city of clubs and single apartments. The fragile, grainy images and carefully composed soundtrack provide an impressionistic picture of tangled relationships played out in an atmosphere of urban gloom.

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