Our Shorts

This year’s programmers’ selection of international gay short films proudly includes 2 Irish productions: in Summervalley, North (starring Veda) a gay man faces homophobia on the streets of Dublin, while Ouch! goes down to crotch level to tell what the eyes cannot! We are delighted to welcome both directors Fernando Sanchez (Summervalley, North) and Ken Wardrop (Ouch!) to discuss their films. Other highlights include the short Spanish masterpiece ¿Con Que la Lavare? (With What Shall I Wash It?) and Hello, thanks, a film about casual sex and personal ads. In the moving Transient a love story ends, while in Ere mela mela (One Dance, One Song) a love story is being choreographed. In Implication a homophobic boss is publicly exposed. Maricon (Faggot) follows the short story of a young lad lurking outside a gay bar. In the delightful Hitch Cock married Steve is seriously obsessed …

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