Oublier Cheyenne

Director: Valerie Minetto

France. 2005. 85mins

Fed up after being laid off from her job, journalist Cheyenne decides to leave everything behind and make a complete break: to reject society and return to the land. However, her girlfriend Sonia refuses to follow her. Unable to compromise, the two lovers break up and, left suddenly alone in Paris, Sonia seeks comfort first in the arms of Pierre, a free-wheeling anarchist, then with Beatrice, a predatory lesbian. But will she realise that Cheyenne is her one true love? And will Cheyenne come to her senses? With its clear-eyed awareness of how financial pressures can cool even the deepest passion, writer-director Minetto somehow manages to harness a sharp critique of Western society to a yearning romantic comedy; the result is a heartfelt, intensely cinematic love-story, and a date movie for viewers of all persuasions.

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