85 minutes| Ireland| 2009| Colour| D-Cinema

It’s two months since an undisclosed global disaster has occurred and two couples – Jonathan (Ciaran McMenamin, Primeval), Hannah (Alex Reid, The Descent), Mark (Rory Keenan, The Clinic) and Katie (Kelly Campbell, Bachelor’s Walk) – are holed up in a lakeside cabin with dwindling hopes of seeing out the crisis. The nearby village sports unfriendly yokels, gangs of gun-wielding thieves roam the countryside and the Gardai are beginning to lose their authority. Their only neighbour is the armed Tim (Robert O’Mahony), who refuses to lend them his spare rifle because ‘you never know how things will turn out.’ Continuing the success of the Film Board’s Catalyst Project, writer-director Conor Horgan’s moody, atmospheric post-apocalyptic tale tackles the big question: just what exactly would you be prepared to do to survive? (Notes by Gavin Burke).

Conor Horgan will discuss the making of this film on May 7th,13.00. Free but ticketed. IFI IRISH SHORTS
This screening will include Conor Horgan’s award-winning Deep End Dance, a touching underwater ballet by dancer David Bolger and his mother Madge. 6 minutes, 2010, Colour.

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