One False Move

Director: Carl Franklin

Here is a crime movie that lifts you up and carries you along in an ominously rising tide of tension, building to an emotional pay-off of amazing power. On the very short list of great movies about violent criminals, One False Move deserves a place of honour. It is a great film, one of the best of the year and announces the arrival of a gifted director, Carl Franklin. Yet no words of praise can quite reflect the seductive strength of One False Move, which begins as a crime story and ends as a human story in which everything depends on the personalities of the characters. It’s so rare to find a film in which the events are driven by people, not by chases or special effects. And rarer still to find a story that subtly, insidiously get us involved much more deeply than at first we realize, until at the end we’re torn by what happens, by what has to happen.

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